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  • Trevor The Scout

    Hey all, have someone you might want to hand their ass to on a silver platter this week.


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  • Trevor The Scout

    Nine words...


    Seriously, can't be that hard to remap one button, although selecting an option might a bit tricky. Maybe use the D-pad to select the side and option, then either the left or right "trigger" (respective sides) to finalize? Might take some practice but you know what they say, it makes perfect.

    Anyone have any topics? Just say the word in my talk page.

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  • Trevor The Scout

    !Let me tell you: Marking an area of the map the attackers have taken control of in Rush as "Off-limits" to the enemy team. You know to keep those offensive defenders from ruining the game? I mean, think back to that Rush game on Kharg island where the defending team constantly snuck over to your deployment area anytime after stage one, stole your vehicles, knifed you for having good eyesight, what a bunch of asshats, right?

    Would be nice if DICE were more "Anti-Asshat" don't you agree?

    SIDE NOTE: Who else is getting sick of the foregrip and suppressor combo? I am.

    If it has a foregrip and suppressor-equipped, high-ROF weapon and wears black camo, you KNOW it shouldn't be playing this game, YOU KNOW IT!!!

    YES I MAD.

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