Was up guys. USMC Lance here. Today, im gonna talk about my review for the BF3 Patch specifically for the PS3. In my opinion, DICE did not do a really good job. The same bugs are reappearing. Note: These are all multiplayers bugs and there are many more not include in this blog post.

The first bug (that was not fixed correctly) is the Squad bug. What happens is that you create a squad with your friend, and then when you play, hes not even in your squad or team and even not in the match. I am still having this problem. APPEARS OFTEN to almost all the time.

The second bug is a reload bug. This one is basically reloading your weapon (during gameplay of course), and it doesnt even show the animation. The reload sound goes but.... LIKE WTF! Also still having this bug. This happens occasionaly.

The third one is basically getting killed for no goddamn reason. Like sometimes when i exit out of disabled aircraft, I get killed by "Bad Luck". Also sometimes i just die out of no where and it seys "You have commited suicide." Pretty annoying. Appears Occasionaly-Often.

And last but not least, the spawn beacons. You basically spawn on a Recon Spawn Beacon, and for some strange reason, your hundreds of feet in the air with a parachute. This could be an advantage for both you and the enemy. At times could be annoying because you don't spawn where you wanna spawn. This bug is a "Certain bug" meaning that it happens all the time.

So are you experiencing the same bugs i had or am i just a "Lone Wolf"? Tell your thoughts in the comment section below! PEACE.

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