Whats up people. Well I have some Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC news. It has been hinted by DICE Lead designer Niklas Fegraeus that Rush will NOT be able to be played with the Expansion pack maps.

"We also had to tackle the challenges of bringing our tried and tested game modes to the smaller scale. We understood quickly that Rush, being a large and progressive mode that takes you on a journey from M-COM to M-COM, simply wouldn't fit physically." said Fegraeus.

Here is the source:

Well guys I guessed I've said what I need to say. So I hope this gives you some valid news on the DLC. And also what do you think about Rush NOT being able to play with the new maps??? Answer in the comment section below! So peace out people. Stop drinking the haterade and start drinking the bubble tea! 50px-Chao1.jpg 21:48, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

BTW Have a great day! :P

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