Why the fuck does Army get every new fuckin' gear/uniforms and the Marines barely get anything? Like seriously! The Army gets a new uniform like every two years and the Marines get shit like every 5 to 10 years.

Lets look at the newest gear of the USMC:

MCCUU-Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform; Introduced in 2002; Uses the MARPAT camo with a few colors (Desert, Woodland,)

M4 or CQB Carbine- Little change; Just a smaller and lighter version of the M16A2.

Theres not really much else for the Marines.

Now the Army:

Universal Camouflage Pattern- Currently in use as the Army's Combat Uniform; Introfuced in 2004: Going to be replaced by the brand new MultiCam pattern.

M16 and M4 replacement- This is what im saying. The're already changing their fucking weapons. The Marines are still using the same bullshit (M16A4 even A2, M4 not even A1). They are now starting to issue the SCAR-H to the 75th Ranger Regiment and they STILL, trying to get a replacement.

MultiCam: Successor to the UCP uniform and just now entered service, being issued to the 173rd Airbourne Brigade Combat Team. Pretty crazy huh?

Now what do you think. Do you think I'm a Army hater or I'm pretty goddamn right? ANSWER IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!!!!!!

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