There's one thing I don't get, it's the fan wars that makes two fun games into rivals, EA and Activision don't want to compete they just want people to have fun and relax, but then an idiot said OH This. Game is better than this game or saying crap about another game they didn't try. It's bad enough we have hackers in the world and complaints about the games, both companies work hard to develop the game and sell it to keep their money up to make more games. Why do people fuss about the games when it about fun? Why do people have hate for another game when it's the same game genre? Why did the person make the fan war in the first place? Call of Duty and Battlefield are the same things, sure people might say one game is better, but think of it, what if there was only one shooter genre in the world, would it be boring? Yes! That's why companies make more shooters than just one plain old shooter that people get bored with. You know the saying "Two heads are better than one"? Well it's the same thing with the games "Two games are better than one". If you guys keep on doing these fan wars, then there will be no shooter games if DICE and Infinity Ward sees this. So if you see a fan war, just comment or say this "Guys if you keep on doing these fan wars and DICE and Infinity Ward sees this, there will be no shooter games ever!" SO guys help me to stop these stupid fan wars.

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