Well, Well, Well... Just kidding because I don't know what to say after the phrase, but anyways, should DICE put in new CO OP missions in the upcoming DLC, maybe they can put 4 players instead of 2 or maybe a mission where the four players split into two. It would sound great, think of all the possibilities of this, it could probably take Battlefield to a new level, it would be like in Uncharted 3 where you have to do special objectives but with 4 players (Op...wrong topic but anyways go on) like survival, or CTF, and the Most popular kill the objective. CO OP needs to be polished in a way that there's CO OP missions or CO OP survival. In CO OP missions you can see the secrets on the BATTLEFIELD 3's Singleplayer, and know what happened in chronological order, You can play as the USMC or the RGF depending on what the players vote for you can experience both sides like never before in the BATTLEFIELD games. In CO OP survival players will have to follow objectives that are commanded like the blue thing in the top right that says OBJECTIVES and there can be a feature that let's you create your own CO OP class and character, it can be the same thing as I said in CO OP missions where you can pick one team depending on what the players choose the CO OP survival mode will be on any platform and on any map. So what do you guys think, should there be new CO OP missions based on the single player and a CO OP survival you can play on any map with team objectives.

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