As you guys know, the M39 EMR is an underused yet powerful weapon, it's like the best semi auto in the game. It feels like the modernized M1 Garand. Should DICE fix the M39 EMR glitch (It's where when you equip the ACOG or HOLOGRAPHIC sight on the gun and if you shoot someone but their damage does not go down) and also buff it so that it takes two hits to kill instead of three because it's underused. It's my favorite gun in the game (Well anything with the M1 Garand sights is my favorite gun.) Nobody uses this gun exept for me, I have 16 service stars but I would have had 19 service stars for the gun if we had COX. But still, the M39 EMR is an underused weapon and I think DICE should fix it and buff it. Comment about your thoughts, and feedback is welcome

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