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What should End Game include?

Heyo! I am back sorry I didn't use the BF wiki for long, but anyways I want to talk about the things that End game should include that maybe helpful to DICE so that they can get more players. First of all, I want the ability to shoot a pistol while you are driving a motorcycle, I also want a flamethrower that can burn anything, and do not panic, because we are not Andy's toys (toy story reference) it won't be that powerful it will be like bad company 2 Vietnam exept more modern. The last thing I want DICE to include is a game mode, the objective is to do something according to the objective like: kill the objective, capture this capture that, it will make you rank up faster.

Here is a list since I'm too lazy:

  • Flametrower
  • Ability to shoot pistol while riding motorcycle
  • Gamemode called Multi-Objective
  • M39 EMR desert camo
  • Ability to call in Air strike
  • ACB-90 or Knife can be thrown and lose it
  • More knife animations
  • More vehicles
  • New co-op missions
  • Survival mode

And that's probably it, list your wish list for End Game in the comments.

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