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  • Wardie1993

    One of the odd things I find about Battlefield 1 is that there isn't an Infantry variant of the M1903 Springfield in multiplayer, I find this odd because there's an Infantry variant of every other scout rifle, and an Infantry variant of the Springfield actually appears in the single player mission Storm of Steel, anyone have any theories as to why the Infantry variant of the Springfield doesn't appear in multiplayer?

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  • Wardie1993

    I've seen a video on youtube, specifically this one , in which quite a number of different vehicle skins are displayed, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea whether these skins are available, unlockable, or still in development.

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  • Wardie1993

    I have an idea for two new vehicle classes for Battlefield 1

    Bridging the gap between the Bomber and the Airship L30 Behemoth is the four-engine Heavy Bomber, the Heavy Bomber is much more armed than the standard Bomber, and also contains much more bombs, a Heavy Bomber is a more difficult target for a fighter pilot to take on.

    Potential Heavy Bombers:

    • Sikorsky Ilya Muromets (possibly included in an Imperial Russia DLC).
      • This huge four-engine Russian bomber entered service with the Imperial Russian Air Force in 1913, and wasn't retired until 1922, this bomber was revolutionary for 1913, and was so spacious it even included a passenger saloon and a washroom, the Central Powers didn't have a bomber which could rival this bomber until 1916-1917 when …

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