• XboxHat

    My tips for sniping

    March 18, 2012 by XboxHat

    I will admit I'm no genius, but here are some tips that I find useful when engaging in long range combat.

    First off, we will start with the Recon Kit and different loadouts.

    Your primary weapon should reflect the map you are palying on, on maps that are smaller (i.e. Grand Bazaar) the semi-automatic rifles should be your choice. Wheras on longer range maps (i.e. Operation Firestorm) a bolt action rifle should be used.

    Next, the specifc rifle.

    From what I have seen, the two best general useage bolt action rifles are the L96A1 and the M40A5. The L96 is better for lower profile engagements (as it can accept the flash suppressor) and the M40 is good since it has the fastest bolt cycle. At long range, the M98B is the superior weapon.

    As to semi-auto…

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