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  • Xeno126

    NOTE:I don't hate bf4 in it's current state however,  because DICE LA is trying hard to make the game much more symetrical in terms of balance like others,I think hardline is a good game and I don't intend this to be a flame blog by any means.

    1.The recon class(this is very opnionated by the way,the recon class in bf4 was a travesty on battlelog I did make a thread in which I noted what I thought caused to recon class to be such a a travety,I know this class has people who are great marksmen,however! skilled recons are rare in bf3 and bc2 and 1 and 1943 I used this class as much as the others in 4 its not worth my time and  with these faults I learned to finding irrtating the most class in the game, everything wrong with the recon class .Wh…

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  • Xeno126

    sharks in naval strike

    March 26, 2014 by Xeno126

    On lost islands the plane their are two sharks swimming around the plane how ever they can not attack you because dice doesn't want to get mixed up with an animal rights group

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  • Xeno126

    mine is naval strike and my second is dragons teeth naval and urban warfare is going to addcting this does out do bf3s dlc a lot but not the netcode --Xeno126 (talk) 16:39, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Xeno126

    If you have been on battelog a few weeks ago you may have noticed a thread asking about rent a servers. It got so large a EA stiv cam in and told us that they are coming soon most likely in April like bf3. Question for you what kind of servers are you looking forward to ones that ban all anti air or 24/7 of your favorite map or a simple mix on a side note if you wish to find the thread I can help that's all.

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  • Xeno126

    AA loadouts

    February 24, 2014 by Xeno126

    first the offensive one 30mm cannon Zuni rockets

    auto loader

    active protection

    the hybrid

    30mm cannon active radar auto loader fire extinguisher

    the defensive 100% designed to take out air craft 20mm cannon passive radar air radar smoke screen with these loadouts it has 3 styles of play

    the offensive Is designed for protection keeping a bomb carrier or flag carrier alive recommended for obliteration and CTF stay away from tanks you can easily deal with IFVs and use the 30mm for heli's.

    the hybrid is designed to be 50% combat and 50% anti air stay away from ifv's and tanks but If your alone like in rush take out all the aircraft you can then defend the objectives only on rush attacker and defender should you use this

    the anti air explains it…

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