first the offensive one 30mm cannon Zuni rockets

auto loader

active protection

the hybrid

30mm cannon active radar auto loader fire extinguisher

the defensive 100% designed to take out air craft 20mm cannon passive radar air radar smoke screen with these loadouts it has 3 styles of play

the offensive Is designed for protection keeping a bomb carrier or flag carrier alive recommended for obliteration and CTF stay away from tanks you can easily deal with IFVs and use the 30mm for heli's.

the hybrid is designed to be 50% combat and 50% anti air stay away from ifv's and tanks but If your alone like in rush take out all the aircraft you can then defend the objectives only on rush attacker and defender should you use this

the anti air explains it's self on instant vehicle respawn servers and aircraft heavy ones make the sky clear for your friends stay out of the battle and have a friendly recon set up tugs then if the get aware of your postion use the smoke and run

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