I was play bf1943 on iwo jima I was fight CQB at the village outpost I didnt die I got alot of kills then It seems I had a burst of epicness I charged ahead a enemy postions in the bunkers I was about to reload when I saw a enemy shot my with his grenade lauche I lived then as he switched back he had forgot to reload so In epicness I ran to him and hit him in the head with a wrench then I was at the bunkers ahead of my team on the hill using my gun grenades vs maybe 8 people + spawning  then it ended when I looked at the board I was in first AND HAD 36 KILLS (I am not a max rank) so I presume thats what max ranks do smiliar things have happended in bad co 1 when I was a specialist on a rush attacking a hill Is that how bf is ment to be played a gamers instict awakened momentarily and yes there is more I got another BATTLEfield burst on bf3 on a noshar canals (I was a cod player at one time) then I met bc2 never looked back make what you will of it but I might be a unoffical colonel 

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