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China rising on consoles =win

Xeno126 February 2, 2014 User blog:Xeno126

I bought bf4 premium I play the bf4 theme as I opened my battle packs like a maniac then went to the store watch the china rising trailer it was something I had never seen before. It seemed more attuned to next gen and PC yet. I was wrong again. Silk Road a dirt bikes extreme paradise the giant mountains of Guilin peaks above me as we moved at a winners speed with the transport heli in a performance of greatness I unlocked the mp7 a small pdw but it's power was immense I entered the grand dog fights in air superiority owning numerous noobs. I played it so much I unlocked everything for stealth jet making my wingman give me the name blue demon. China rising is amazing. Also if part this review sounds like a poem it was intended On a last note I'm waiting for second assault with lots of excitement

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