NOTE:I don't hate bf4 in it's current state however,  because DICE LA is trying hard to make the game much more symetrical in terms of balance like others,I think hardline is a good game and I don't intend this to be a flame blog by any means.

1.The recon class(this is very opnionated by the way,the recon class in bf4 was a travesty on battlelog I did make a thread in which I noted what I thought caused to recon class to be such a a travety,I know this class has people who are great marksmen,however! skilled recons are rare in bf3 and bc2 and 1 and 1943 I used this class as much as the others in 4 its not worth my time and  with these faults I learned to finding irrtating the most class in the game, everything wrong with the recon class .While I am typing this I should also mention that this is console on pc it is slightly better better when it comes to aiming

2.pdws being worthess most of the time.  bf4 pdws are great but combined with the level design and Also the assault rifles and numerous other guns out gunning most of the time.This caused to be pdws become worthless and carbines became the standard for the engineer in the bf4 player base.In contrast  hardline the maps and the game modes allow the engineer to be like it was back in the bad company era.

3.The defensive perk eveyone used it making the other ones very under used or worthless it nerfed snipers and just was overall annoying it also make shotguns useless who use buckshot still this is nice due to realism and darts are much more effective however but giving it to the engineer in hardline was a good idea to help make up for range in certain areas

also I will be doing more blogs on bf4 I left the wikia for a long time but I will do it with better vocab grammar and common sense this time

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