after playing bf4 for 3 days I finally unlocked commander mode and have adapted to the controls and style accordingly. I agree that bf4 Is amazing combining the best elements from bad company 2 (destruction) the seriousness and commander mode from bf2. Commander mode is a game changer. It does this in the sense that it makes it easier for players to be pointed in the right direction. Also allows a better look a the map from a player view. You have a massive advantage over the enemy team if you coordinate with your commander. I also like the ability of how different flags give the commander more resources to work with. The only complaint which is not even worth complaining about is the ability to switch between player views on squads instead of just the squad leader. The main reason I like the mode really is the coordination in bc1,bc2/Vietnam and bf3 only one squad could coordinate and to even make this possible you needed mics and if you were on TeamSpeak it was a cluster of confusion now all squads can be more coordinates assisting each other. For example I was a commander on parcel storm obliteration squad G had the scout chopper squad E had the bomb I asked G to extract E to the bomb site. where as if the was no commander the squad would have one man in the chopper an another on the ground or the chopper wouldn't take advantage and just provide support. I have unlocked a lot in my time the carbines are great they are very different from PDWS I also played all maps but I have not witness levolution on all of them so I have yet to see my except that they will change the maps in ways I cannot fathom end. also WAKE ISLAND VS PARCEL STORM

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