I may be on console but that doesn't mean the bf experience isn't bad. It can be good at times with 24 players. SO I noticed many changes rare glitches It does freeze which is annoying. I also notice that some things never change (such as idiot pilots whom crash choppers ALL THE DAM TIME) but bf4 is a amazing game with some annoyances. the game modes are amazing domination and obliteration are very welcome. because on console its a lot more concentrated in obliteration and less crowded on domination, the bad parts are small to medium. The worst I've encountered is freezing. another complaint is the ammo system dumping an entire mag and its gone not pooled back in. map balancing is poor especially gomund rail way where if you spawn in the wrong place you will have to walk forever to get to the action. This can be countered if we decrease boundaries. On dawn breaker the amount of space jets have to maneuver is too small. operation locker is the most balanced on a console due to 24 players. I don't like how very slow the progression is to bf3 and the COD controls such as X to get in a vehicle AND B to prone/crouch and click stick to knife. I have to community complaints as well TOO MANY ENGINEERS AND SNIPERS. the better things are destruction levolution IT IS AWSOME change the battle with one button is great I also like the attack jets they are welcome edtion and the attack boats too. END

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