being able to squad up in a menu with your friends, buff up the staff shell a little bit, player severs and ability to remove certain weapons and remove vehicle ammo system,re balancing for rush, ability to go on test range with your friends, China rising levolution, make the miniguns on transport helis 1 more powerful or 2 semi explosive due to how fast you move, under radar, make hand flares more bright for heli extraction or air strike purposes, be able to use multiple grenade types with the lvg. Fix dawn breaker I am sick of it crashing. Buff the Ak-12u. allow the heavy bomber to not just use cruise missles and Jdam but a salvo of bombs along with it spawning farther and increased ability to move it for targeting purposes. REDUCE THE ABILITY FOR rockets to physical force in the ground meaning you die and the guy with the rocket gets no kill. Make the need ammo repair and medic sound louder to them. fix 0 health obviously. Make the window for counter knifing slightly smaller. In menu be able o see your assignments. have the suppressors have different stats to make a choice. add the Amtrac to more rush modes like Hainan. fix the shotgun heavy barrel glitch (it returned from bf3) ability to tell how far a match has progressed before you join. destructible bridges in dragon pass. make the laser guided misses for jets lock on distance shorter. increase amount of PWC on parcel storm for easier transport due to size. allow the underslungail to be used on the ACE 23 and AUG. be able to use the iron sights on weapons even after you unlock a sight. this is not a complaint but add the loading music in the start and end of a match. buff the ak 74m to its original bf3 format. THAT IS ALL goodbye

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