pre footage a must have before release.A demo beta In the shadows glitch understandable as was bf3 beta giraffe head and slender man humorous. CORPERATION unaware of what time is only aware of the green dollar. Dice lower one asks for more time. Not possible says the corp you must work to fight a king of insanity and thousands of subjects must turn (cod). release day blackness. memory leaves the games mind. Time freezes as the world changes. the peasants voice their displeasure rightfully so and wrongfully so. As they know bf3 was broken but it was fixed by a team working 24/7 and the workmen's forge. As when I came I had no knowledge of what it was when broken it was 2013 pre bf4 release. The game is like a blade being refined you must fix it multiple times. Then the bladed edge comes china rising a grand edition to the sword. In the swords current state the time taken into fixing it is now more time more fixes at a steady pace of course. From what I heard many have flocked back to previous titles saying they will not go back this is a lie as they wait using older swords while the new one is being fixed. this is the poem of the life of bf4 a gold sword. the game is great and horrible at the same time creating a balance and a non balance. And yes this is not ment to ryme

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