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  • Zealot Guy

    I've been playing a lot and I've noticed a few things that I think should be altered regarding certain game modes. A few minor alterations. These are things that could be turned on or off in server settings for custom servers but hear me out, okay?

    At the very end of conquest modes, when one team has been nearly defeated, I think a sudden death stage should activate. It would work like this: when one team reaches zero tickets, players who are dead are out of the game and those still alive have one last shot to go out in glory. The game will end when either all of the losing team is dead or all objectives belong to the winning team AND the losers have no tickets at all.

    So in conquest, the losers only lose when brought to total defeat. We all…

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  • Zealot Guy

    So, everyone, welcome back to my blog. It's good to be back. Battlefield 4 is here and has been here for quite a bit, and I know everyone is wondering what I'm thinking about the medic class in Battlefield 4. Let's go over some of the new basics.

    In Battlefield 4 the medic now has access to two items that heal. A First Aid Pack and a Medkit. The medkit is the same one we all know and love; a stationary box that quickly heals everyone nearby as long as they stay close to it. It's wonderful, yes, but now we have another toy. A First Aid Kit. The first aid is a little different. Instead of being a stationary box that everyone can use, the first aid is a single use for a single person. It heals quickly, just like the other one, but it opens up …

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  • Zealot Guy

    Yes. You heard right. I know all of you were wondering where I've been. Well, maybe not. I'm giving myself too much credit. I know I'm long overdo for a BF4 article of some kind so It's time I get to it. Keep an eye out!

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  • Zealot Guy

    If you've been playing Battlefield with anyone who makes any attempt to communicate, you may hear a good deal of idioms or other terms being thrown around that may not have an obvious meaning. This is going to be a very simple guide for the newest players who may not understand these words. But, by nature, these terms and idioms are memes and you will most likely start using them on your own without realizing it. Or even without realizing why these terms exist in the first place. So let me define a few for you. This list is hardly complete, so please suggest your own in the comments!

    • Beep-beeps: Beep-beeps are enemy Recon equipment, such as T-UGS and Radio Beacons. Saying you have beep-beeps means that you hear enemy recon equipment's distin…
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  • Zealot Guy

    Finally, I've gotten myself into more than just being an Assault class. I've picked up being a Support in some cases, and have made myself quite familiar with the Support Class's LMGs. So, let's take a little time to talk about these weapons.

    The M27 is an M416 with a longer barrel and bigger magazine. This does not mean it behaves at all like an assault rifle. You could use it like one, yes, but this weapon is heavier, and you should not expect it to behave like an assault rifle. But, when using as a support weapon for suppressive fire and gunning down baddies at range, this weapon is very good at that. Its downfall is the small magazine. It does reload pretty fast, though.

    As my friend Aerobon will happily attest to, the RPK is a beast. It…

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