If you've been playing Battlefield with anyone who makes any attempt to communicate, you may hear a good deal of idioms or other terms being thrown around that may not have an obvious meaning. This is going to be a very simple guide for the newest players who may not understand these words. But, by nature, these terms and idioms are memes and you will most likely start using them on your own without realizing it. Or even without realizing why these terms exist in the first place. So let me define a few for you. This list is hardly complete, so please suggest your own in the comments!

  • Beep-beeps: Beep-beeps are enemy Recon equipment, such as T-UGS and Radio Beacons. Saying you have beep-beeps means that you hear enemy recon equipment's distinguished beeping sound. It's also good to follow up mentioning that you'll be investigating it.
  • Blue-berries: Blue-berries are your team members outside of your squad. The origin of this term is unknown, but its link in meaning is clear. Team members outside of your squad are marked with the color blue.
  • Party: In many games, a party refers to the group you are in. In battlefield, its generally used to communicate an enemy presence. Mentioning that there is a party somewhere is a quick way to say "I am outnumbered and will be needing help".
  • Smurfs: See: Blue-berries

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