I've been looking around on some stat sites to see if anyone has scored more points as a medic than me, and lo and behold, I found someone who did. As of now, I have 2.8 million points as a medic, as you can see here. This other player, however, PsYcHo__LiMiTeD, has scored 3.1 million.

I know! I was like woah. So I dug deeper. And get this. His number one medic weapon is the M60 with just under 20,000 kills. He's done 12,000 heals with medkits compared to my 38,700 and he's revived 5,000 people compared to my 13,000!!!

I have been ousted out for the title of number-1 scoring Medic by some FUCKWAD using an M60 with, no doubt, Magnum Ammo, who prioritizes KILLING over HEALING!! Utter. Fucking. Bullshit.

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