You all knew it was a matter of time until I published by first Battlefield 3 related gameplay guide. And, since I have become well known for my medical antics, I figured it would be appropriate to start off with a medic guide.

First off, in Battlefield 3, the Assault class is the medic class. For Battlefield 2 veterans, this is could be a welcome return to something familiar. For players who only got into Battlefield during the Bad Company spin-offs, this is a weird change. That said, the Assault class is intended to make up the majority of infantry players, and it does. All assault, except for the newbies, carry defibrillators. That means that, under normal circumstances, at least 1/3 of the people around you have the ability to revive. Whether or not they will is another story. This little guide is intended to teach you how to focus on the medical path of playing as an assault.

The Medical Focus

If you're planning on being a straight up medic, you need to leave your 40mm Grenade Launcher at home and bring your Medkit with you. Beyond that, there's little else as far as equipment goes. Choose your weapons to maximize your combat potential. Remember: unlike a dedicated medic class, you are still an assault and need to get down and dirty. But, you also need to keep a look out for friends in need. Other players may ignore injured or dying team mates, so you need to set the example and make use of your equipment. Put your health kits places where they can be used by others. Go to team mates and give it right to them. Listen for people asking for help.

Returning Life

Reviving in this game is much different. Players will not jump to their feet when revived. They will simply roll over onto their stomach with their pistol out, and only 20% health until they stand up. In previous games, reviving people who didn't want it was a problem. No longer; players who have been revived can choose to deny the revive and return to the spawn screen. So, there's no need to consider if a person is out of ammo or wants to die. If the opportunity is there, bring them back to life. If they deny it, oh well; you gave them the chance.

Power in numbers

Because the Assault class gets the chance to carry 40mm Grenades AND defibs, the best thing to do is travel as a group. Most can carry launchers as well as a few have health kits. Everyone has defibs after all, so there's no excuse for leaving someone to die.

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