So, everyone, welcome back to my blog. It's good to be back. Battlefield 4 is here and has been here for quite a bit, and I know everyone is wondering what I'm thinking about the medic class in Battlefield 4. Let's go over some of the new basics.


Medic Packs or Medic Box?

In Battlefield 4 the medic now has access to two items that heal. A First Aid Pack and a Medkit. The medkit is the same one we all know and love; a stationary box that quickly heals everyone nearby as long as they stay close to it. It's wonderful, yes, but now we have another toy. A First Aid Kit. The first aid is a little different. Instead of being a stationary box that everyone can use, the first aid is a single use for a single person. It heals quickly, just like the other one, but it opens up new opportunities.

First and foremost, you don't have to stay in one place. The bane of medics is that the person you are trying to help keeps running away. They're busy people will busy lives; things to do, people to shoot. No body has time to wait and heal! With the first aid, this problem is somewhat mitigated. Once the target takes the first aid, the healing begins and will continue even when on the move. Taking damage will stop it, however.

Players who find themselves in situations where they end up behind cover, exchanging shots with the enemy, the stationary box will be your device of choice. But for players who play in squads that just can't stop moving, the first aid kit might be a better choice. Think about that.

Charging defibs

Back in my day Defibrillators were a lot easier to use. It was point and shock. Not so anymore. Now you need to charge them to do any reasonable amount of healing. Sometimes, we all know that there's no time for that, but I'm telling everyone right now that you need to get into the habit of charging those defibs. It gives the person you're healing a much better opportunity to stay alive.

Things I want to complain about

Longer revive timer!

I'm going to bitch and moan forever but I swear. We do not get enough time to revive a fallen player. We need 15 seconds, not whatever the hell it is we have now. I hate failing to revive someone by a split second. AH!!

Takedown's should be revivable

I recall so many times where I see a team-mate get knifed and I fail to kill the enemy in time. Why can't I revive them? Headshots are revivable! Being run-over is revivable. Why not this?

What else?

I'd write a longer article, I swear, but what else is there to say? Read the other ones! Or ask me questions. I like answering questions.

Anyway, until next time!

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