Before I start, I want to say that I am by no means an expert at using Anti-Tank Mines. This little thing is actually based on my experiences on the receiving end of anti-tank mines. Because, quite frankly, I get killed by those things. I also see others get killed by them. And, dammit, those guys have to be doing something right to keep getting me!! So, here's some good spots I find anti-tank mines prove most effective. Still a work in progress.

Line of Sight

Place mines
If your victim can see the mines, bad placement. When I'm driving a tank, and I see the mines, it's over. I know that when I see one, there's going to be more. So now I'm on alert, and less likely to fall for an anti-tank mine trap...thing. So, when placing mines, they need to be placed in areas they can't be seen easily. That means like in shallow water, like where vehicles would ford rivers on maps like Laguna Presa. Or in spots where it can blend in with crap already on the ground. More times than once I accidentally mistaken a tire for a mine. I bet some people would mistake a mine for a tire.

Another good place, I find, is on mounds. Bumpy areas, like Panama Canal, have spots where heavy vehicles need to negotiate some bumpy terrain. Mines located on the down-grade are less likely to be seen.

No Safe Zones

There are some areas of a map that players just don't expect anti-tank mines to be in the first place. Places like inside their own spawn, for example. Or even directly outside their own spawn. The main-spawn is supposed to be the one safe area players have. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that's a heap of shit. Combine this with the previous, like on Laguna Presa and Laguna Alta, and put mines in the shallow rivers on those maps that run in front of the spawns.

Let me borrow that

If you ever find an engineer kit lying on the ground, pick it up and see what he has. If there are mines, use them. Just put them wherever near by. Then grab your original kit back. I think you know where this is going.

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