I've been sitting here thinking for a minute and I just thought of something I think I aught to share. You know on Kharg Island Rush the US team deploys from the water and must establish a beach head in the first area? Well, I just thought up how to win on that first stage. It's quite simple, actually.

What you'll need is the T-90, Guided Shell and laser designation. First thing to deal with is the enemy Attack Chopper. A Guided Shell-CITV combo will make short work of it. Next is the incoming landing craft. The two LAVs can be dealt with using a single guided shell each. A disabled vehicle in the water is dead in the water. The AMTRAC can be dealt with in the same fashion.

The incoming enemies will have no choice but to use the Zodiacs to get ashore. Infantry will find it nigh impossible to cross the no-man's-land that is the beach.

As for the Jet...Well, a Jet is not about to arm the M-COM. Neither will the chopper. Battlefield 3; Rush; Tactics

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