Most, if not all, of you know that I'm not an awesome sniper player. I am not very good at being a serious recon, but I like to try to play as a recon. Sniping, however, is something I'm afraid I'll never be good at.


Blah. I do not like the M24. It's a decent weapon, I guess, but I'm it has a tiny magazine and too long of a bolt cycle for me to use it effectively in combat. I can't snipe very well.

Type 88 DMR

The Type 88 is a rifle I like. Mostly because it works just like the battle rifles but it comes with a nice scope for long range combat. It also works well at close range, by firing from the hip. It's a good weapon.


The SV-98 is my favorite bolt action rifle. It has the fastest bolt cycle and the largest magazine, though it has the least stopping power. Regardless, it will kill with a head shot at all ranges so it's not an issue for me when I'm trying to snipe.


The SVU is another favorite. Best part is the simple fact that it's silenced. The removal of the loud gunshot makes it much easier to engage targets without everyone knowing their being shot at. I'm sure everyone has managed to drop a few baddies with this rifle before the enemy figured out where they were. My friend, Aerobon, makes heavy use of the SVU when he plays as a recon, and he's very good at it.


I kind of like the GOL. It feels good to fire and it's kind of easy to use. But the bolt action makes it less effective than the semi-auto rifles.


Hardly a rifle, the VSS is a bitching weapon for close-medium range engagements, and works well at long ranges better than assault rifles because of the powerful scope. It handles like an SMG and kills quick when firing from the hip. All it takes when aiming is some quick trigger tapping to drop any foe. I love the VSS, but it takes discipline to use it effectively.


I do not like the M95. It is a bad weapon for my purposes and I've never been able to use it effectively like others can. The bolt cycle takes way too long and the magazine is too small.

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