I've been playing a lot and I've noticed a few things that I think should be altered regarding certain game modes. A few minor alterations. These are things that could be turned on or off in server settings for custom servers but hear me out, okay?

Sudden Death stage in Conquest and Rush modes

At the very end of conquest modes, when one team has been nearly defeated, I think a sudden death stage should activate. It would work like this: when one team reaches zero tickets, players who are dead are out of the game and those still alive have one last shot to go out in glory. The game will end when either all of the losing team is dead or all objectives belong to the winning team AND the losers have no tickets at all.

So in conquest, the losers only lose when brought to total defeat. We all have that situation when one team has all the objectives but only 17 tickets left, but ends up losing because people keep spawning in and wasting tickets. In a sudden death scenario, if that team could hold the objectives and bring the enemy to zero tickets, they would still win. If a situation comes that there are bases belonging to both teams and no one is capturing anything, and both teams have surviving soldiers, and no one has any tickets, the game ends declaring whoever has the majority of bases as the winner.

In rush, it would work on a similar level. If the attackers have zero tickets but still have soldiers near the M-Com, the game will continue. If the soldiers are not close enough, the game simply ends. This will stop the situation of "Oh I was RIGHT ON THE M-COM!!" from happening.

Escape from the sinking ship

In the final portion of a Carrier Assault, the players still on the sinking ship should be given an opportunity to try and escape the ship before it blows. Those who do get out of the ship in time are given a man overboard accolade and a bonus 1000 points. This goes for members of both teams who were on the sinking ship when the game ended. The frantic sprint for the exit will also be exciting as all hell.

Members of the losing team who don't escape the ship are awarded a dog-tag of a picture of Captain Edward Smith (the captain of the RMS Titanic) titled "A captain always goes down with his ship".

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