IGN, just reviewed BF3 on the PC praising the visuals and multiplayer but criticising the single player and the quicktime events. Though however they stated this: Editor's Note: This review covers PC only. IGN will post either a review update or an entirely different console review once the Day 1 patch goes live for Xbox 360 and PS3 and we're able to play the game in its final retail state. Thank you for your patience and understanding

Heres the final verdict from IGN: 9.0 while Gamespy gave it a 5/5





8.0 Presentation

The multiplayer’s robust, the browser-based launcher works well, but those who don’t play online won’t find much meat in the other modes.

9.5 Graphics

Frostbite 2 shines in multiplayer, single-player, and co-op.

9.5 Sound

You’ll hear every bullet whizzing by your head, and the crash of rubble all around you.

8.5 Gameplay

Traversing the enormous world feels great, on foot or in a vehicle, but the single-player’s quicktime events are just lame.

9.5 Lasting Appeal

Multiplayer unlocks will keep you chasing the dragon for months.

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