So since every Xbox and PS3 game requires Trophies/Achievemnts i decided to make my own List of T/A that is completely fan made. Also if someone does comment help me distinguish a standard Bronze PS3 trophy to how much Gamerscore you would get equivalent.

Hope it isn't a bad list. YES I have added some references, if you want i can add some of your trophy names if you request it.

Battlefield Hero - Unlock every trophy in Battlefield 3 (Platinum} (PS3 Only)

Thunder Runnin' - Complete Mission 1 (Bronze) NOTE: Speculation that the Thudner Run level is the 1st level.

You ever ask yourself? - Complete Fault Line Mission (Bronze)




This was their Longest Hour - Complete Mission 6 (Bronze)







I have not yet begun to fight! - Complete the Game (Gold)

Cosmopolitan - Play Every Game mode on Operation Metro

Thanks for Flying Caspian Airlines - Play every game mode on Caspian Border

Too Intense - Complete the game in Easy Mode (Bronze)

Just Cause i did it - Complete the game in Normal mode (Silver)

Magnitude Zero - Complete Fault Line on Hard (Silver)

Saving Private - Revive 25 Players (Bronze)

Holy Effing Down! - Survive an Earthquake (Bronze)

Heavy Fist - Initiate a Hand-to-Hand sequence (Bronze

Reminds me of my 1st Shotgun - Find a Weapon Collectible in Campaign (Bronze)

Stabfull - Knife someone in Campaign - (Bronze)

Bladerunner - Knife 50 people in Multiplayer - (Silver)

I Could use your Service - Earn your First Service Star (Silver)

Mirrored Edged - Vault over 75 Objects (Silver)

Back To Karkand Trophies/Achievments

What Wake Again? FUUUUU - Play Wake Island for the First Time.

Karkand, Filled with Claymores and other Tourist Attractions - Return To Karkand (Gold)

O-man!- Play Gulf of Oman.

Shark Bait - Play Sharqi Peninsula.

Zephalian 10:18, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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