Thank you MerchantofDeath!!! and since there is no BF Fan Fic Wiki

So right since i have an idea based on his blog post, here i will have a idea what happens after the building collapses on Black.

Few moments later.

Black opened his eyes, then thought "why am i still alive?" Black saw some rubble and debris on top of him, he struggled to climb up but then saw the terror the earthquake, The little bird helicpoter has crashed down and was on fire, the Mounted MG car was upside down and the ripple effect was so devasting that there were "waves" everywhere. Then to amazing delight his radio was still working he heard someone saying in a static noise "All units dismiss, Be advised the catastrophic earthquake in around iran has been affecting all operational capabilities in the iran-iraq region, also be advised that one of the major casualties is sgt Henry Blackburn, him and his squad was last reported around the Sakir Laundry in the city.

"How the hell do i get back?" Black said to himself.

Then out of nowhere two figures were heading towards him. He did not know if they were PLR, USMC or even Spetsnaz operatives, his thoughts was then interrupted as they dragged him to a nearby car and bundled him in a secret compartment in the car.

Zephalian 09:54, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

What do you think?

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