The Following is purely fictional and my writing, any names that is shown in here is coincedential, and it's not meant to be realistic but i try to be realistic, but maybe i can't Zephalian 06:33, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

September 27th, 2014. - The PLR have landed on Australian Shores, it is the first time Australia has been directly invaded with the closest being in World War II when the Japanese bombed Darwin.

1 week ago...

Defence Minister John Davidson has responded that the possibility of a Russian and PLR attack is possible but hasn't ruled out that the U.S Army will help, but recently tension between the Australian Army and U.s Army have began as Australia resorts to change the name of the name to the "A.U Army" being similar to the U.S and also making a new divison "AUMC" (Australian Marine Corp), Tensions were mainly between the soldiers not the gorverments, however since there was some tension and that the Americans may start a friendly fire segments and "fragging" the A.U Army didn't change the SAS to Navy SEALS. and


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