Horrible Fan Fiction #1

WIP (Work In Progress)

Australian Perspective of The Global War of 2014

Warning: Possible Unrealism...

After many decades, the United States of America were "friends" with the Islamic Republic of Iran again after a very costly war. Though they took Tehran, they were preparing the onslaught of Hezbollah and Hamas, The Revolutionary Guard and other Insurgents who are still trying to fight for Iran and caused some fresh sectarian violence, and it also spreaded from neighbouring Syria.

50,000 Marines deployed at Camp Firefly and surronding bases in places like Turkey and combined with some 320 Aircraft (Variety of F-35s, F-16s, F-18s, B-2 Spirit Bombers, AC-130s, F-15Es, A-10s and Some UAV Drones) 20 Navy ships and International Support from Britain, Australia and some forces of NATO...Australia sent in a "small" team of 3500 men, around 20 F-18s, and half the size of the US Navy stationed near the strait of Hormuz.

On the opposing side, It included some 200,000 ground troops all from the Syrian Army, The Iranian PLR, Hamas, Hezbollah and a some what advanced air force that included some old F-14 Tomcats, The new PAK FA, Su-35s, MiG-29 and some extremely new Su-40s.

Bandar Desert

Australia, was tasked with controlling the seaport of Bandar Abbas, which is also where the Iranian Navy was once stationed but to let some of the US Navy ships to land in Bandar Abbas, they needed to clear out the area which was crawling with enemies.

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