In a recent tweet by Battlefield's official account

 Straight from the video editing suite: Prepare 4 Battle - 03.27! This sneak peek now, more soon. 

A video has been uploaded that shows pretty much gibberish and with 'Prepare 4 Battle' and a date of March 27th which indicates that the BF4 Reveal is coming soon.

Excerpt from Battlefieldo

hich shows close-up shots of what appear to be mechanical parts of an engine or vehicle, presumably an armored vehicle considering the continuous tracks we see later on. The montage cuts to a big, white 4 with an orange border. A slogan appears on the screen, "Prepare 4 Battle" and then a date appears in the video - 03.27.

Source: Battlefieldo

My news posts in a year, my writing 'skills' is rusty.

Goodbye, see you guys in October

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