Sure, we've got Conquet, Rush SQDM, TDM blabla but how about modes you never even heard of or you want it to return?

Here's my list:

  • Squad Conquest: Two Squads, One Vehicle, One Flag, 50 Tickets each.
  • Titan: Modernise it: Cargo Plane, Command Center etc
  • Three Team Conquest: 8 vs 8 vs 8 (24 total players), 16 vs 16 vs 16 (64 total) each team all territories etc

Teams are: US. China and North Korea (or any other type hehe)

  • Carrier Battles.
  • Day-Changing Maps
  • Coop vs Real players (4-8 vs a hoard of enemies defending)

RAPE UNCAHRTED 3'S COMMUNITY MODE, with a tank ( i hate uncahrted 3;s mp it's too generic) So that's my ideas what do you want back?

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