Ok Misleading title but when i said almost i meant in authenticity and variety but here is a list of i think why.

  • People PTFOed on PS3 more than BF3
  • Guns were more Balanced (Depends)
  • Vietnam was one of the best Expansions ever
  • Goofy Voiceovers - Please Toss That Salad
  • Dieing was quicker - When you died you didn't take forever to fall down and the killcam wasn't that long
  • Helicopters were either easier or harder, compared to IR FLARES
  • Spotting, Requests were cleaner IMO
  • C4 was cooler imo they just threw it..
  • G3


Magnum Ammo


Body Armor

Happy now Pedro? lol... I should make a why BF3 isn't as good but that's later

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