News Award Star News Team Member

The News Team is a group of users on the Battlefield Wiki dedicated to keeping the Wiki's news feed up to date. Only Members are permitted to make News Blogs.

Any duplicate News Blogs will be deleted on sight.

Any news blogs made by users that aren't in the news team will be moved off their domain and given to a user that is part of the news team.

We are looking for volunteers! To be eligible, registered users need to be have considerable editing experience and have been apart of the community for a while now.


User Active?
Awyman13 (talk) (Founder) Tick
Jack of All (talk) Cross
Rampantlion513 (talk) Cross
Capt. Miller (talk) Cross
Hyperborrean22 (talk) Cross

X-Alt (talk)


MyOpsAreBlackerThenYours (talk)


Zephalian (talk)


PLR Soldier (talk)


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