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Current leader is Slopijoe

Co-Leader: Charcoal121

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ATATkiller - Bumblebeeprime09 (Active BC player. I am found on BC2, as well as CoD games.)

User1alexander - 3RDRANGER (BC1, BF1943, BC2, BF3)

Tywin1 - Slopijoe (usaully on most time)

Charcoal121 - Characoal121 (I play Call of Duty a fair amount of the time, but I'm finding BF also to my liking)

Hello_Losers - Hello Losers (Plays a variety of games but avidly plays mgo, *untill its shut down =(* Bc2 and Bf3. Also occasionally plays the cod series.

PSKwhirled - PSKwhirled (BF3 almost 24/7, online often.)

Rampantlion513 - Rampantlion513 (I have BF3, BC2, BC1, and 1943.)

xtremegianca - XtremegiancaAlt (BC2,BF3 Rush)

moistie - DiCePWNeD (bf3, 1943)

awyman13 - awyman13 (Any type of game, typically FPSs)

FluoexetinePatch - FluoexetinePatch

DK0010 - User:(ROK) DK0010 (Playing BF4 right now, but pretty nooby, was Col. 1 in BF3 and played much CoD, including Zombies in BO2)

delta-strike016 - User:PlanetaryWarsHead (play a fair amount of Call of Duty and Battlefield 4)

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