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If you use your PlayStation 4 for gaming, feel free to add your Username and PSN ID to the list. Feel free to use this User box:

PSN This User Is A PS4 Gamer!

Current leader is: Vacant

Add your Usernames here in this format:

"Your PlayStation Network ID (Username)" - Your Wikia Username (Some Info about you on PSN)

You must be a registered Wikia user to enter your PSN ID.


Tywin1 - Slopijoe

Rampantlion513 - Rampantlion513

F-15E-StrikEagle - Razgriz Ghost

DK0010 - (ROK) DK0010

Hyperborrean22 - Hyperborrean22

TheAmazingBBP - TheAmazingBBP

FluoexetinePatch - FluoxetinePatch

awyman13 - awyman13

User1alexander - 3RDRANGER

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