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This is the home of the Vandal Patrol, a group of dedicated non-admins that patrol the articles, scooping out vandals and reporting them.

Anti-Vandal Award Star I'm a Vandal Patroller!


The aim of the Vandal patrol is to keep the articles on the wiki safe from vandalism and other threats. the members of the patrol are tasked with a simple mission, to check recent edits for vandals that could cause more damage over the long term, warn them, and then refer them to an admin.

While not admins, Vandal Patrol members have the ability to do several things in response to vandals:

  • can revert vandalism done to pages
  • are able to give out forceful warnings to vandals in response to repeated vandalism.
  • Can refer constant vandals to the admins, who can deal with them appropriately


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Anti-Vandal AwardEdit

Main article: Battlefield Wiki:Awards#Anti-Vandal Award
Anti Vandal's Award
Anti-Vandal's Award
Awarded to users who keep a vigilant eye on vandals, promptly reverting and reporting vandals whenever they see them. Recipients are chosen by the award nomination process

Past recipients: