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V-22 Osprey

The V-22 Osprey in reality

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, military, tilt-rotor aircraft with both a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft.

Battlefield 3Edit

The V-22 Osprey is a vehicle featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 3 as a multirole CAS and transport helicopter. It is never controllable, and appears only in scripted events within two missions; in Uprising and Night Shift.

Battlefield 4Edit

The MV-22 Osprey is a vehicle featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 4. It appears in the mission South China Sea departing from the USS Valkyrie shortly before Tombstone is ordered to board the Titan. A stored Osprey also contains the SPAS-12. It can later be seen on top of the Valkyrie in Suez, suffering heavy damage from Chang's forces.

An Osprey can also be seen in the hangar bay of the USS Essex on Lost Islands in the Domination and Deathmatch gamemodes.

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