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For the DLC program in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, see VIP Program.

The VIP is a class in Battlefield Hardline, only available in the Crosshair game mode. The VIP cannot be directly chosen to spawn as, but is randomly assigned among players on the Law Enforcement team who have "opted-in" to play as him.

The VIP starts alongside the Law Enforcement team, and must arrive safely at the extraction point in order to win, while the Criminals are trying to prevent him. He is armed only with a gold Bald Eagle, and must be protected by his police escort, as he will be at a disadvantage in direct combat. The VIP has the advantage of being the only player who can open Weapon Lockers on the map, enabling him to lead friendly players to these caches, or use the additional firepower to protect himself.

Picking up a Battle Pickup (such as the MG36) will give the VIP greater firepower, but it will cancel the mobility boost of wielding a pistol, until it is dropped. The VIP can also exchange his loadout for any dropped Kit found on the battlefield, but he will give up the additional survival capabilities afforded by the Body Armor and Survivalist if he does so.

The VIP appears as a man with dark hair wearing a light grey suit, and is easily distinguishable from other players.


  • The VIP's unique kit can be picked up by other players, if the player looks in the location where the VIP was killed in the previous round.