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Villar Perosa IRL

A Villar-Perosa machine gun in reality

The Villar-Perosa M15 was an Italian double-barrel automatic weapon produced during World War I. Originally manufactured as a defensive armament for two-seat aircraft, a modified variant saw use by ground forces from 1917 onwards. Although not originally designed as such, the portable, pistol-calibre automatic has many characteristics of a submachine-gun, and can be considered one of the earliest examples to enter mass-production.

The weapon consists of two automatic receivers connected side-by-side, with each being fed from its own top loaded 25 round magazine. Due to its lineage, the Villar-Perosa lacks a conventional pistol grip or stock, and instead has the spade-grip design of a crew-served weapon. Later in the war, some of these guns were dismantled and rebuilt as more practical infantry weapons, with one such design being the Beretta M1918.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Villar Perosa appears in Battlefield 1, first shown in the Avanti Savoia! War Story, though only after the Sentry armor is shed. The weapon appears to be modified with a pistol grip and a foregrip.

The weapon appears in multiplayer as one of the weapons used by the Sentry elite class. It appears on Italian maps to reflect its origin. As the Aircraft Gun that created the basis for the Automatico M1918, it has a high rate of fire, even higher than the submachine gun that it based itself from, but limited effectiveness at long ranges due to the inability to aim down sights. It can still kill targets at medium ranges quickly thanks to its very tight hipfire spread. While it can kill targets near-instantaneously, the weapon suffers from a slow reloading speed, as well as a constant need to reload due to the 25 round magazine.

When picked up, the weapon goes through its lengthy reload animation, a trait shared with other Elite kits along with the MG 08, another Sentry gun. It takes time to actually prepare the kit, leaving the player vulnerable to counterattack before being fully prepared.


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