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Weapon Accessories are items that can be attached to a firearm to provide extra functionality, or swapped for a different purpose. Accessories are featured in many installments in the Battlefield Series and can be chosen from in the Customization screen.



Optics provide an alternative for a weapon's built-in sights (aka iron sights). Some sights merely elevate the user's sightline or otherwise increase peripheral vision, and often provide a reticle for improved aim. Scopes use lenses to magnify vision for long-range engagement. One thing to note is that different optics have different aim and acquisition speeds.


Many accessories can be mounted on a modular rail system such as the MIL-STD-1913 rail, commonly known as the Picatinny rail. Prior to this, attachments were often custom-designed for specific weapons.

A modern weapon often has four such rails, a top rail for optics, a bottom rail for underslung weapons or stability attachments, and side rails for other devices.

Weapon ModificationsEdit

In certain games, parts of a firearm can be swapped out, such as the barrel or muzzle brake.

Alternate AmmunitionEdit

A variety of alternate ammunition is available for shotguns, 40mm grenade launchers, and mortars.

Battlefield 2142Edit

An underslung shotgun is available for the Assault class, along with a rocket launcher. The two accessories can be used at the same time, using the same ammo. All weapons except for the Clark 15B and Clark 12-RDX have a distinctive optic.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Specializations are introduced, some of which provide accessories for the player's weapons. Alternate ammunition is available for shotguns and grenade launchers.

Prior to Bad Company 2, all sniper rifles used scopes.

Battlefield 3Edit

In Battlefield 3, weapon accessories are given their own system, and are unlocked via progression with individual weapons. Weapons can have up to three attachments:

Sights and scopes
Underslung rail or stability accessory
Side rail device or barrel improvement

Customization for handguns is handled by a different system, where player progression will unlock alternate variants of handguns that usually feature only one attachment.

Battlefield 4Edit

Accessories also appear in Battlefield 4. The system is largely the same as in Battlefield 3 albeit allowing four accessories to be added to weapons along with a larger selection of attachments to choose from. Certain weapons, like the SR-2 and CBJ-MS, may have permanent attachments in certain slots and only allow customization the remaining three slots.

Players may now fully customize handguns. This includes different sights, barrels, accessories, and camos. 

The accessory slots are as follows:

For sights and scopes.
For side rail attachments or optic enhancements.
For barrel and muzzle enhancements.
For the Underslung rail or stability accessory.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Weapon accessories also appear in Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield 1Edit

Weapon accessories also appear in Battlefield 1. However, unlike previous entries, where players could freely customize their weapons, most of the weapon accessories are bound to prefabricated weapon variants and cannot be removed or attached freely. The player's freedom of customization is limited to the Bayonet, the Iron Sights, the weapon skin, and two special customization, recoil direction and zoom distance.

Weapon VariantsEdit

Most multiplayer weapons in Battlefield 1 feature 3 weapon variants. DLC weapons and Class Rank 10 weapons usually have less variants. Pistol-caliber carbines and handguns generally have no variants - while most pistol-caliber carbines in-game are modified handguns, they are fully distinct weapons gameplay-wise.

Some weapons may have additional variants found only in singleplayer. Some weapons feature exclusive variants available from pre-order packs.

Weapon variants are indicated by different suffixes behind weapons.

Variant Available On Attachments/Properties
  • Submachine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Self-Loading Rifles
No attachments
  • Other Weapons: Foregrip, improved hip fire
  • Russian 1895: Caliber change, modified damage profile, improved hip fire, higher fire rate, can operate action while aiming down sights
Storm Foregrip, improved ADS Accuracy when moving
  • Submachine Guns
  • Self-Loading Rifles
Lens sight, in some cases a foregrip
  • Self-Loading Rifles
  • Single-Action Rifles
Sniper High-powered scope, bipod
Backbored Shotguns Low-recoil buckshot
Hunter Shotguns Tight choke
Slug 12 Gauge Slug, lens sight
  • 12g Automatic: Extended Magazine
  • Autoloading 8: Extended detachable magazine, caliber change
Low Weight Light Machine Guns Bipod
Telescopic Light Machine Guns Bipod, medium-powered sight
Suppressive Light Machine Guns Extended Magazine, bipod, optical sight
Infantry Single-Action Rifles No attachments, can operate action while aiming down sights
Carbine Single-Action Rifles Shortened carbine, lens sight, increased movement, improved ADS time, better hip fire accuracy, can operate action while aiming down sights
  • M1907 SL: Foregrip, automatic fire mode, improved hip fire
  • M97 Trench Gun: Wide choke
  • MP 18: Locked to three round burst mode
  • M1903: Attaches the Pedersen device, modified damage profile, extended detachable magazine, semi-automatic fire, higher rate of fire, higher muzzle velocity, lower recoil, lower spread increase, special K Bullets animation
Defensive Hellriegel 1915 Bipod, Extended Magazine, lens sight, higher recoil
Cavalry Russian 1895 Uncustomizable, modified damage profile, faster muzzle velocity, faster recovery, wider spread, can operate action while aiming down sights

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