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For the weapon pack featured in Battlefield 4, see Battlefield 4: Weapons Crate Pack.

A Weapon Crate or Supply Drop is a crate containing weapons, ammunition, and gadgets. They allow the player to resupply and to change their loadout.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Supply Drop BC2

A Supply Drop in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Supply Drops appear in the singleplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It allows the player to change loadouts and/or resupply ammo. It will contain any weapons that the player has picked up earlier in the campaign, as well as C4 and the M2 Carl Gustav in certain levels.

Battlefield 4Edit

Weapon Crates are featured in Battlefield 4. They contain default weapons for each mission, as well as any Collectible Weapons picked up throughout the campaign, and any unlocked by single-player Assignments. The weapon crate does not contain or resupply gadgets. Ammo for weapons is resupplied by standing near the crate.

Gadget Crates are also present, containing various Explosive gadgets. In the level Baku, only C4 Explosives and the M320 are available, while in Shanghai, only M18 Claymores, M15 AT Mines, and C4 Explosives are available through it, but in other missions they can contain anti-tank Rocket Launchers, anti-air launchers, and grenade launchers. Ammo for all gadgets is resupplied by standing near the crate.


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