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Not to be confused with the Bad Company 2 award, Insignias

Wildcards are awards featured in Battlefield: Bad Company. They are obtained through the completion of specific task and award additional experience points.

Wildcard ListEdit

Image Name Requirements
Headshots Wildcard Headshots
  • 20 Kills From Headshots in a Round
Gunslinger Wildcard Gunslinger
  • 80 kills With Any Handgun
Fly-By Wildcard Fly-by
  • 4 Roadkills With Any Air Vehicle in a Round
Dead Eye Wildcard Dead Eye
  • 100 Headshots With Any Sniper Rifle
Snake Eyes Wildcard Snake Eyes
  • 11 Kills as 2 Different Classes in a Round
Deuces Are Wild Wildcard Deuces Are Wild
  • Kill 2 Enemies of Each Kit in a Round
Beat The House Wildcard Beat The House
  • 15 Grenade Kills in a Round
Armor Buster Wildcard Armor Buster
  • Kill 5 Armored Vehicles
  • 25 Total Helicopter Kills in a Round
Tank Buster Wildcard Tank Buster
  • Kill 5 Tanks in a Round
  • 25 Total Tank kills
Chopper Chopper Wildcard Chopper Chopper
  • Kill 5 Air Vehicles in a Round
  • 25 Total Helicopter kills
1 On 1 Land Wildcard 1 On 1 Land
  • Destroy a Tank of the Same Kind Without Using Any Assistance in a Round
1 On 1 Sea Wildcard 1 On 1 Sea
  • Destroy a Sea Vehicle of the Same Kind Without Using Any Assistance in a Round
1 On 1 Air Wildcard 1 On 1 Air
  • Destroy an Air Vehicle of the Same Kind Without Using Any Assistance in a Round
Straight Flush Wildcard Straight Flush
  • Destroy 1 Vehicle of each Kind in a Round
Three Of A Kind Wildcard Three Of A Kind
  • Destroy 3 Vehicles of the Same Kind in a Round
Five Of A Kind Wildcard Five Of A Kind
  • Destroy 5 Vehicles of the Same Kind in a Round
Full House Wildcard Full House
  • Destroy 3 Vehicles of the Same Kind and 2 of Another in a Round
Cab Driver Wildcard Cab Driver
  • 5 Minutes As The Driver in a Vehicle With Passengers in a Round
Airtime Wildcard Airtime
  • 2 Seconds of Airtime in a Land Vehicle in a Round
Staying Dry Wildcard Staying Dry
  • 50 kills With Naval Vehicles
Two Pair Wildcard Two Pair
  • 2 of Any 2 Trophies in a Round
Santa's Little Helper Wildcard Santa's Little Helper
  • 10 Kill Assist Points in a Round
Full Deck Wildcard Full Deck
  • 52 Total Kills in a Round
Savior Wildcard Savior
  • 50 Savior Trophies
Avenger Wildcard Avenger
  • 50 Avenger Trophies
Destruction Site Wildcard Destruction Site
  • Destroy 1000 objects in a Round
Strike Wildcard Strike
  • Kill 5 Enemies Within 2 seconds in a Round
Squad Wildcard Squad Wild Card
  • 1 Squad Member Trophy in a Round
  • 10 Kills Per Squad Member in a Round
Top Squad Wildcard Top Squad Wild Card
  • Best Squad on Each Map
Squad Avenger Wildcard Squad Avenger Card
  • 100 Squad Member Avenger Kills

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