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For the similar gadgets, see Blowtorch and Repair Tool
Wrench irl

A variety of different-sized wrenches in real life

A Wrench is a general purpose tool. The Wrench is generally used to repair many objects and can also be utilized as a weapon. Aside from that, the wrench is used as an identifying icon for kits that feature the Repair Tool in the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Wrench is a gadget issued to the Engineer Kit in Battlefield 1942. It is capable of repairing friendly or neutral vehicles, with a limited repair amount before it needs to cool down.


Battlefield VietnamEdit

The Wrench is a gadget issued to the Engineer Kit in Battlefield Vietnam. It functions similar to Battlefield 1942, having to cool down after a designated amount of time after repairing.


Battlefield 2Edit

"The HOFF-3 wrench was adopted by modern day armies in the late 90’s. It’s one of the most comprehensive tools designed as it can be used to repair everything from damaged vehicles to destroyed bridges."
— In-game description
The HOFF-3 Wrench is issued to the Engineer kit in Battlefield 2. After a short animation, where the user widens the mouth of the wrench, the player can use it to repair friendly or neutral vehicles. It can also rebuild bridges which have been damaged or destroyed by C4 or other explosives.


Battlefield HeroesEdit

The Wrench in Battlefield Heroes functions similar to bandages, restoring armor over a brief period of time. Only the driver of a vehicle may repair it. Wrenches also put out fires caused by Burning Bullets. Should the vehicle receive further damage, the repair effect is cancelled.

Each wrench has a limited number of uses, and must be purchased with Valor Points. Only one kind of wrench can be equipped at a time.

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Battlefield 1943Edit

The Wrench is a blunt weapon and vehicle repair tool in Battlefield 1943 for the USMC (M12 variant) and IJN (Type 12 variant) Infantry kits. Used against infantry, it is a one-hit kill, just like all melee weapons in the game.


Battlefield 1Edit

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The Repair Hammer is a blunt weapon and vehicle repair tool in Battlefield 1 used by the Tanker, Pilot, and support classes.

As before, the repair hammer allows players to repair friendly vehicles from outside, inflict damage to enemy vehicles, and attack enemy soldiers.

The repair hammer grants tankers and pilots the ability to repair the vehicle they are operating from within, reminiscent of the wrench's function in Battlefield Heroes. Armor is regained in 20 point increments every five seconds for armored ground vehicles, and in 25 point increments for air vehicles. Light ground vehicles such as armored cars regain at a much slower rate, and may be quicker to repair from outside.

During internal repair, the vehicle cannot be operated by the player, leaving tracked ground vehicles stationary and air vehicles gliding. Wheeled vehicles may be driven forward or backward, but cannot be steered. Internal repair can be cancelled by enemy fire, or by the player performing any other action. Other vehicle occupants can continue to use other seats as normal.

Although it can be used for attack, it deals little damage to vehicles, and the player still carries a more suitable melee weapon for assailing infantry.

The model is that of a combination open-ended wrench and hammer, and resembles a "takedown tool" for the MG 08 machine gun.

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  • In Battlefield 1, the repair hammer can "repair" horses, as they are considered vehicles.
  • In Battlefield 1 the repair hammer was originally intended for the Medic class.

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