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A tactical combat crossbow in reality.
A crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted onto a stock that shoots projectiles named bolts or quarrels at parabolic arcs. Their first major usage originates in China around 600 BCE. Although they see very little use in modern militaries, crossbows are still used for hunting and recreational target shooting. Modern crossbows can be mounted onto rifle receivers, allowing accessories such as optical sights to be easily added.

Battlefield 3Edit

XBOW with Kobra Battlelog Icon

Kobra (Sticks and Stones)
PKS-07 (Go Play Close Quarters)


100-60(Normal Bolt)
10( Scan Bolt)
200 (Explosive)

Ammunition capacity

1 bolt


Standard bolt
HE Bolt
Scan Bolt
BA Bolt

Starting ammunition

Ten bolts


100 m/s (Standard)
150 m/s (Balanced)
45 m/s (Explosive)
150 m/s (Scan Bolt)


20-50 (Normal) 20-100 (Balanced)

Blast radius


Fire mode


Special feature(s)

changeable ammunition type




All kits

Dog Tags

XBOW Proficiency Dog Tag
XBOW Master Dog Tag
XBOW Scoped
XBOW Scoped Proficiency Dog Tag
XBOW Scoped Master Dog Tag

Source of statistics

Inventory slot

Gadget 1 (Assault, Engineer and Recon)
Gadget 2 (Support)

"The Xbow fires a variety of different bolts."
— Battlelog description

The XBOW is an improvised crossbow appearing in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion pack.

According to a post in the Battlefield Blog, the XBOW is described as a jury-rigged weapon made from a malfunctioning M417 rifle, wire from a broken down car, scrap metal for the bow, and an optical sight like the Red Dot Sight or PKS-07 as shown in the trailer and preview screenshots.[1]

The XBOW, with a default Kobra sight, is unlocked after completing the assignment Sticks and Stones. The XBOW Scoped, with a PKS-07 sight, is unlocked by completing the Go Play Close Quarters assignment.

Aside from differences in targeting and scope sway, the two weapons are functionally identical.

Bolt TypesEdit

See: Standard bolt

Standard bolts are the starting ammunition type. These three non-standard bolts are unlocked via assignments. Change fire rate (default  V  on PC,  ↓  on consoles) switches between the bolt types. Bolts can only be changed after the bow is fully loaded.

There are three unlockable specialist bolts: the HE Bolt, a C4-tipped variant; the Scan Bolt, which acts much like T-UGS; and the Balanced Bolt, which has less drop than the other bolt variants.



  • The lower part of the XBOW, the M417 receiver, has its ejection port, bolt release button, and magazine well taped shut.
  • The XBOW is the only weapon in Battlefield 3 other than a Shotgun or Grenade Launcher that is capable of switching between different types of ammunition, and the only weapon aside from the mortar capable of doing so in the middle of gameplay.
  • Without HD textures, the first bolt fired out of the XBOW has red fletching, while every successive bolt fired has white fletching in that life.
  • The Kobra's reticle on the standard XBOW is misaligned towards the bottom of the sight. However, the bolt is still accurately shot wherever the reticle is aimed.


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