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A lighter is a type of flat-bottomed barge used to transfer goods and passengers to and from moored ships.[1] They were traditionally unpowered vessels, propelled by their crew manually using long oars, by tugboats, or by prevailing water currents. They may carry cranes or derricks to assist in loading materials.

X- and Y-Lighters used during World War I served as landing craft in addition to transport duties. They were constructed of wood or steel, and occasionally fitted with outboard motors.[2] Y-Lighter craft used by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom are known to have all survived the war.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Y-Lighter is a naval vessel which will appear in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion. It currently is playable on the CTE on the map Albion. It has four seats, 1 driver and three gunners, and players can spawn onto the ship and walk around freely. When the boat approaches land, the ramp will lower.


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