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The Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle is an anti-matériel sniper rifle featured in Battlefield 2142. The Zeller-H uses an even larger round than either the Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle or the Park 52 Sniper Rifle, giving it an edge in armor penetration.

The Zeller-H is capable of doing 100 damage, enough to instantly kill any enemy soldier who is not wearing heavy armor without having to aim at his head.

The bullet can also destroy various enemy equipment: medical and ammo hubs, all mine types, and even RDX. The trade-off for this power is that the magazine holds only three bullets, and the reload interval is 5.4 seconds. The weapon also has fewer bullets overall (30 versus 35 in Morretti SR4 and Park 52).

The appearance of the game world through the Zeller's scope can change drastically depending on the player's video settings. This makes the Zeller difficult to use on certain African maps where the dominant color matches that of the Zeller scope's tint.


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